Mission partners

As a church we have 5 main mission partners that we are committed to helping both through prayer and financially. Please find information and links below. 

If you have any questions about any of our missions please talk to someone on the Mission Link Group, Judy Stevens, Pam Shoebrdge, Diane Avery, Helen Burns, Lesley Grice.

Because there is a direct correlation between living in isolation and chronic poverty. Because many people living in remote places have never heard the Gospel. Because when a person in isolation has a medical emergency they often can’t get the help they need.


MAF believe that everyone—even the isolated—deserves a chance to experience the love of Jesus Christ.

So they use aviation, technology, and training because in many places those are the only ways to reach isolated people with Christ’s love.


As a Church we specially pray for and support Abby and Sam Baguma with daughters Rachel and Rebecca. Abby is a former member of Christ Church, Southborough. 


Find more information about MAF on their website: https://www.maf.org/
or more about the Baguma family on their blog: http://sam-abby-baguma.blogspot.co.uk/

The CPAS works with churches across Ireland and the United Kingdom. Its aim is to "enable churches to help every person hear and discover the good news of Jesus". Its activities include the Growing Leaderssuite of resources, the Arrow Leadership Programme, weekends, and a range of events and resources for youth and children’s leaders.


CPAS is responsible for Ventures and Falcon Holidays, which are holidays for 8-18s. Falcon Camps are subsidised holidays for young people who might not otherwise be able to go on holiday. CPAS also has responsibility (sole or shared) for 512 patronages of Anglican churches up and down the country, and seeks to fill vacant incumbency posts with evangelical leaders.

There is a head office team who develop and deliver tools, training and resources for churches. The general director is Rev John Dunnett.


As a Church we are specially invested in the Falcon summer holiday  as many of our congregation members volunteer as leaders and Sue Shrubb, a congregation member is the overall leader for the Carroty Wood camp. 


To find out more information about CPAS please visit their website: https://www.cpas.org.uk/


Crossteach work with local Christian communities to enable young people in schools to critically engage with the Christian faith in a fun and relevant way.


In some schools Crossteach deliver units of work on subjects such as ‘Life, ministry and teachings of Jesus’, ‘Christian beliefs of life after death’ and ‘Christian beliefs about the origins of the world and its purpose.’


Crossteach has also had many opportunities to deliver one-off lessons from a Christian perspective. Particularly popular are the Q & A sessions whereby students are able to ask any question they may have about Christian beliefs and how that affects their lifestyle.


Lunch and after school clubs offer an opportunity for any student to continue their discussions about the Christian faith. With a combination of music, snacks, games and chat these clubs prove to be popular with many students.


To find out more about Crossteach and the work they do please visit their website: http://www.crossteach.com/

Education for life

Education for Life is a UK Reg. Charity No. 1078088, working in Mombasa, Kenya; shining the light of Jesus by providing employment for local people; feeding and educating children; providing homes for orphaned and abandoned children and families in need of a helping hand and reaching out to the community through the local church.


Our goal is to pursue unity, giving staff and students the opportunity to love, appreciate, respect and understand one another throughout their daily routines; challenging cultural beliefs and practices and learning to walk together as we study God’s word together.


to find out more, please visit their website: http://www.educationforlife.net/

Founded in October 1986, with the specific aim to "promote the advancement of the Christian Faith", Sovereign World Trust has been sending high quality Christian teaching and training books to pastors, leaders, colleges and libraries worldwide.

It is the poorest countries that have been experiencing the fastest growth in the number of people becoming Christians and the emerging leaders are desperately short of training and resources. Two thirds of our books are sent to African nations but we are also very active in India, Asia and South America.


to find out more visit their website: http://www.sovereignworldtrust.org.uk/


T:  01892 513680

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