Sermons and Prayer Diary
10am Service

15.3 Jim Stevens
Your kingdom come

8.3 Nick Cornell
Hallowed be your name

1.3 Nick Cornell
Our Father in heaven


23.2 Nick Cornell
Love one another

16.2 Sheila Syms
Don't worry


9.2 Jim Stevens
You are the salt of the earth

2.2 Nick Cornell
Presentation at the Temple

26.1 Sheila Syms
Fishers of men

19.1 Nick Cornell
Becoming more like Jesus

12.1 Nick Cornell
Life does not consist in abundance
of possessions

5.1. Nick Cornell
Enjoy God and His good gifts


29.12 Jim Stevens
The flight to Egypt

25.12 Nick Cornell
Christmas morning


22.12 Sheila Syms
God with us

15.12 Jim Stevens
Zechariah & Elizabeth​

8.12 Nick Cornell
Nativity service

1.12 Nick Cornell
Advent Sunday- Getting ready

24.11 Nick Cornell
Christ the King

17.11 Nick Cornell
End times

10.11 Sheila Syms
Remembrance Sunday

3.11 Nick Cornell

27.10 Nick Cornell
The difference Jesus makes

20.10 Sheila Syms
Do everything without grumbling

13.10 Jim Stevens
The authority of the Son

6.10 Nick Cornell

29.9 Nick Cornell
Life worthy of the Gospel

15.9 Nick Cornell
Paul's chains advance the gospel

8.9 Nick Cornell
Partnership in the Gospel

1.9 Nick Cornell
Holiday club service

25.8 Jim Stevens
Healing on the Sabbath

18.8.Sheila Syms
Standing outside the fire...

11.8 Nick Cornell

4.8 Nick Cornell
The rich young ruler

28.7 Sheila Syms
Persistence in prayer

21.7 Nigel Griffiths
Mary & Martha

14.7 Jim Stevens
The Good Samaritan

7.7 Nick Cornell
Sending out the 72

9.6 Nick Cornell


2.6 Glyn Davis
Education for Life


26.5 Nick Cornell
From sadness to hope

5.5 Nick Cornell
From regret to joy

28.4 Jim Stevens
The road to Emmaus

21.4 Nick Cornell
Easter Day

14.4 Sheila Syms
Welcome to worship

31.3 Nigel Griffiths
Mothering Sunday

24.3 Nick Cornell
Welcome one and all

17.3 Sheila Syms
Christ's welcomers

10.3 Jim Stevens
Welcomed to the Lord's table

3.3 Nick Cornell
No other gods before me

24.2 Jim Stevens
You shall not make for yourself an idol

17.2 Sheila Syms
 You shall not misuse the name of the Lord​

10.2 Nigel Griffiths
Remember the Sabbath day

3.2 Nick Cornell
Honour your mother & father

27.1 Nigel Griffiths
Do not commit murder

20.1 Sam & Abby MAF part 2

20.1 Sam & Abby part 1

20.1 Sheila Syms
Do not give false testimony

13.1 Nick Cornell
Do   not commit adultery

6.1 Nick Cornell
Do not covet, do not steal


30.12 Jim Stevens
Ready for the future

25.12 Nick Cornell
Christmas Day


23.12 Allan Jonnes
Ready for God's blessing

16.12 Nick Cornell
Nativity service

9.12 Sheila Syms
Ready for the most important birth

2.12 Nick Cornell
Ready for the most important day

25.11 Nigel Griffiths
The greatest king

18.11 Nick Cornell
The greatest gift

11.11 Nick Cornell
The greatest sacrifice

28.10 Nick Cornell
Lives transformed

14.10 Geoff Baker
He challenges our materialism

7.10 Nick Cornell
Feeding the 5000 part 2

7.10 Nick Cornell
Feeding the 5000 Part 1

25.9  Kathy Armour's funeral

30.9 Allan Jonnes
He calls us to holiness

23.9 He calls for humility
Nick Cornell

16.9 Sheila Syms
He turns our thinking upside down

9.9 Nick Cornell
He brings wholeness

26.8 Sheila Syms
Spiritual warfare

19.8 Jim Stevens
A Spirit filled church

12.8 Allan Jonnes
Christ like behaviour


29.7 Jim Stevens
Unity in diversity

22.7 Jim Stevens
Confidence in God's power

15.7 Sheila Syms
A new society

8.7 Nigel Griffiths
Chosen to be for His glory

24.6 John Dunnett (CPAS)
Philip & the Ethiopian eunuch


10.6 Allan Jonnes
Resourcing the church

27.5 Sheila Syms
The unique awesome God

20.5 Lesley Clare
The Holy Spirit poured out

13.5 Ray Skinner
He who has the Son has life

29.4 Allan Jonnes
Called to bear much fruit

22.4 Nigel Griffiths
Christ like love-the standard

15.4 Sheila Syms
Open to God's amazing love

8.4 Geoff Baker
Waking in the light

1.4 Nigel Griffiths
Easter Sunday

25.3 Nigel Griffiths
The coming of the king!

18.3 Sheila Syms
Facing the cross

11.3 Archdeacon Julie Conalty
Grace received?

4.3 Two ways of living
Nigel Griffiths

25.2 Allan Jonnes
Take up your cross...

18.2 Sheila Syms
Jesus, unique.. and our example

11.2 Jim Stevens be like the man Jesus

28.1 Jim Stevens
Take it to Jesus

21.1 Sheila Syms
Doing what Jesus says

14.1 Nigel Griffiths
Glory revealed-unfailing grace

7.1 Linnea Voisey
Seek and you shall find


31.12 Geoff Baker
Whom will you tell

25.12 Nigel Griffiths

24.12 Sheila Syms
Teenage Mary - our example?

10.12 Jim Stevens
Pointing people to Jesus

3.12 Linnéa Voisey
Prepared for what matters

26.11 Jim Stevens
He comes with justice

19.11 Sheila Syms
Unnamed but never unnoticed

12.11 Allan Jonnes
Christ will return

5.11 Nigel Griffiths
Shine like stars

29.10 Nigel Griffiths
Doing life together

22.10 Allan Jonnes
Christ like forgivenes

15.10 Jim Stevens
Compassionate Openness

8.10 Nigel Griffiths
Pastoral care

1.10 Linnéa Voisey

24.9 Geoff Baker
Personal holiness

17.9 Sheila Syms
Welcome and fellowship

10.9 Jim Stevens
Humility and service


27.8 Allan Jonnes
Living sacrifices-nothing less

20.8 Sheila Syms
Persistent faith

13.8.17 Geoff Baker
A deepening discipleship

30.7 Allan Jonnes
Prayer makes a difference

23.7 Jim Stevens
Finding treasure & keeping it

16.7 Sheila Syms
Why is the kingdom so insignificant

9.7 Glyn Davis
Education for Life Kenya

2.7 Emily Lea Youth service
The wheat & the tares

25.6 Allan Jonnes
What is your response to Jesus?


18.6. Jim Stevens
Jesus teaching in parables

4.6 Linnea Voisey

28.5 Geoff Baker
God & suffering

21.5 Sheila Syms
Just some ...


14.5 Nigel Griffiths
We are a people for his glory

7.5 Sheila Syms
Cast your nets on the other side

29.4 Gerald Hovenden I will
fill this house with splendour


23.4 Geoff Baker
Amazing love

16.4 Nigel Griffiths
Christ is risen!

9.4 Jim Stevens
Look your king comes to you

26/3 Nigel Griffiths
The law and sin

19/3 Sheila Syms
God, I look to you

12/3 Allan Jonnes
The call to journey with God

5/3 Naomi Hillier
Parting the Red Sea

26/2 Jim Stevens

19/2 Sheila Syms
Christ our cornerstone

12/2 Allan Jonnes
Strengthen the team

29/1 Gerald Hovenden
Gerald's farewell service


22/1 Gerald Hovenden
Good living

15/1 Sheila Syms
Responding to God's call

8/1 Gerald Hovenden
Good teaching

1/1 Gerald Hovenden
The boy in the temple


25/12 Sheila Syms
Christmas Day

18/12 Sheila Syms
Jesus is Immanuel

11/12 Gerald Hovenden
Nativity service

27/11 Gerald Hovenden
The night is nearly over

20/11 Sheila Syms
A story worth telling

13/11 Gerald Hovenden
Paradise cost

6/11 Gerald Hovenden
The big bang

30/10 Gerald Hovenden
Paradise regained

23/10 Gerald Hovenden
Paradise lost

16/10 Sheila Syms
The gift that kept on giving

9/10 Gerald Hovenden
A glimpse of paradise


25/9 Gerald Hovenden
The Great Chasm


18/9 Pat Hovenden
Making a difference


11/9 Gerald Hovenden
God never gives up


4/9 Linnea Vosiey
Holiday club

31/7 Rich fool
Gerald Hovenden

24/7 Sheila Syms
persistent prayer

17/7 Jim Stevens
Persistent prayer​

10/7 Nigel Griffiths 
Who is my neighbour?

3/7 Linnea Voisey
Believing without seeing

26/6 Jim Stevens 
Spiritual warfare

19/6 Gerald Hovenden
Immersion baptism

12/6 Gerald Hovenden
Healing prayer

5/6 Nigel Griffiths
Persistent prayer

22/5 Gerald Hovenden
Prayer is for everyone


15/5 Sheila Syms
Prayer in Jesus name


8/5 Nigel Griffiths
Honest prayer


1/5 Gerald Hovenden
Prayer in a sinking boat


24/4 Nigel Griffiths
Even the Gentiles


17/4 Sheila Syms
A disciple called Tabitha


10/4 Gerald Hovenden
He began to preach


3/4 Linnea Vosiey
Praise him in his sanctuary


27/3 Gerald Hovenden
He has risen


6/3 Naomi Hillier
Given... to the Lord


28/2 Gerald Hovenden
Come buy and eat


14/2 Nigel Griffiths
Rejoice in all the good things


Ash Wednesday
Jim Stevens


7/2 Linnea Voisey
Listen to Him


31/1 Nigel Griffiths 
Could this be the Christ?


24/1 Gerald Hovenden
Walking in the truth


17/1 Sheila Syms
Taking Jesus seriously


10/1 Gerald Hovenden
Baptism with fire


3/1 Gerald Hovenden
Putting God first




27/12 Sheila Syms
What we have seen and heard


25/12 Gerald Hovenden
we have seen his glory


20/12 Sheila Syms
The turn towards hope


13/12 Gerald Hovenden
The Holy Spirit and with fire


6/12 Linnea Voisey
Unexpected news


22/11 Nigel Griffiths
if anyone hears my voice


15/11 Sheila Syms 


8/11 Jim Stevens 
Once for all


1/11 Gerald Hovenden
All saints day


25/10 Gerald Hovenden
Moving up to a better place


18/10 Shila Syms
Active prayer


11/10 Allan Jonnes
The narrow door


4/10 Nigel Griffiths

How much more valuable you are...



27/9 Building project update


27/9 Gerald Hovenden

Let us go


13/9 Gerald Hovenden

A faith that heals


23/8 Jim Stevens

Choose you you will serve


16/8 Sheila Syms

Being wise


2/8 Sam Baguma

I am the bread of life


26/7 Glyn Davis

some left over


19/7 Miriam Barker



12/7 Geoff Baker

Every spiritual blessings


5/7 Gerald Hovenden

Who are we?


28/6 Jim Stevens 

Zacchaeus; choose the holy life


21/6 Sheila Syms

Compassion for the poor


14/6 Gerald Hovenden

Satan; Temptation


7/6 Miriam Barker

Accepting/Transforning Love 


31/5 Gerald Hovenden



24/5 Sheila Syms

Thomas; Truth not guilt


17/5 Sheila Syms

Being born again


10/5 Jim Stevens 

The woman at the well; living water


3/5 Jim Stevens

John the baptist, Baptism


26/4 Mark Lavender

The woman caught in adultery


19/4 Sheila Syms

Mary & Martha: Resurrection and life, power over death


12/4 Allan Jonnes

The road to Emmaus


5/4 Gerald Hovenden

The women in the garden: resurrection


29/3 Naomi Hillier

Palm Sunday


22/3 Wycliffe hall team

Who is Jesus?


15/3 Sheila Syms



8/3 Gerald Hovenden

Spiritual Disciplines: Simplicity


1/3 Linnea Voisey

Spiritual Disciplines: Service


22/2 Gerald Hovenden

Spiritual Disciplines: Fasting


15/2 Sheila Syms
Spiritual Disciplines: Meditation


8/2 Gerald Hovenden

Spiritual disciplines: Worship


1/2 Miriam Barker

Spiritual disciplines: Living consistent lives for God


25/1 Miriam Barker

True Repentance 


18/1 Sheila Syms

All one


11/1 Gerald Hovenden

Proper Baptism





28/12 Geoff Baker

Let us go to Bethlehem


25/12 Gerald Hovenden

Christmas day


21/12 Allan Jonnes

The Lord's servant


14/12 Gerald Hovenden



7/12 Gerald Hovenden
Zechariah's mistake


30/11 Gerald Hovenden

Christmas, why it's worth it


23/11 Gerald Hovenden

The Son of God.. the King of Israel


16/11 Jim Stevens

I am He


9/11 Gerald Hovenden

I am the resurrection and the life


2/11 Linnea Voisey

I am the life


26/10 Gerald Hovenden

I am the truth


19/10 Sheila Syms

I am the way


12/10 Jim Stevens

Before Abraham was born, I am


5/10 Miriam Barker

I am the vine


28/9 Mission Sunday

Mission partners update


28/9 Allan Jonnes

I am the gate


21/9 Sheila Syms

I am the light of the World


14/9 Gerald Hovenden

I am the bread of life


7/9 Gerald Hovenden

I am the good shepherd.


31/8 Gerald Hovenden

The son of man...

will reward each person


3/8 Miriam Barker

Come, buy and eat


27/7 Linnea Voisey

The tale of the three trees


20/7 Sheila Syms

You shall not covet


13/7 Jim Stevens

You shall not give false testermony


22/6 Gerald Hovenden

you shall not commit adultery 


15/6 Sheila Syms

You shall not murder


8/6 Miriam Barker

Thirst satisfied


1/6 Linnea Voisey

Honour your father and mother


25/5 Gerald Hovenden

Remember the Sabbath day




18/5 Lesley Clare

Do not misuse the name of God


11/5 Allan Jonnes

you shall not make an idol


4/5 Gerald Hovenden

No other gods


27/4 Sheila Syms

The fact of the matter


20/4 Gerald Hovenden

Go and tell


18/4 Jim Stevens

Good Friday


13/4 Gerald Hovenden

The stone the buildres rejected


6/4 Miriam Barker

The new covenant 


30/3 Miriam Barker

Family likeness


23/3 Sheila Syms

Unexpected refreshment


16/3 Jim Stevens

Finishing what you've started


9/3 Gerald Hovenden


2/3 Gerald Hovenden

The Lord's prayer


23/2 Gerald Hovenden

Freedom and Glory


16/2 Sheila Syms
Available to God


9/2 Allan Jonnes
the spirits power


2/2 Gerald Hovenden

Family service: Waiting


26/1 Gerald Hovenden
God makes everything beautiful


19/1 2014 Sheila Syms

Living Stones 


12/1 2014 Jim Stevens 

Holy Spirit and Fire


5/1 2014 Jim Stevens
The Epiphany 


6.30pm Service

15.3.Nick Cornell
Water from the rock

1.3 Jim Stevens
The temptations of Christ


23.2 Jim Stevens
The scroll and the Lamb

2.2 Nick Cornell
The coming Messiah

26.1 Jim Stevens
New life, inheritance & power

19.1 Sheila Syms
Come and see

5.1 Jim Stevens
The second 'Servant song'


24.12 Nick Cornell
The word & the light

22.12 Nick Cornell

1.12 Jim Stevens
The signs of the times

24.11 Jim Stevens
The Lord's way

17.11 Nick Cornell
Parable of the sower

3.11 Nick Cornell
How do you see the world?

27.10 Nick Cornell
Sharing your faith

20.10.Jim Stevens
Be careful how you live

6.10 Jim Stevens
The man born blind

29.9  Jim Steven
Daniel's vision

15.9 Nick Cornell
Words of life

1.9 Jim Stevens
The supremacy of Christ

28.7 Nick Cornell
The parable of the weeds

21.7 Nick Cornell
The Samaritan women at the well

7.7 Jim Stevens
Commitment to God

23.6 Jim Stevens
Jairus' daughter & sick women

2.6 Nick Cornell

26.5 Nigel Griffiths
The great commission


19.5 Jim Stevens
Faithfulness in darkness

5.5 Nick Cornell
The raising of Lazarus

21.4 Jim Stevens
Easter Day

14.4.19 Nigel Griffiths
The parable of the tenants

31.3 Sheila Syms

17.3 Nick Cornell
The cost of being a disciple

10.3 Nigel Griffiths
Repent, re-orientate, re-focus

3.3 Nick Cornell
No other gods before me

17.2 Jim Stevens
The sermon on the mount

10.2 Nick Cornell
New & transformed lives

3.2 Sheila Syms
The woman at the well

20.1 Nick Cornell
Come & follow

13.1 Jim Stevens
The baptism of Jesus

6.1 Nigel Griffiths
Water into wine


23.12 Nick Cornell
Carols by candlelight

16.12 Jim Stevens
Pointing people to Jesus

2.12 Nick Cornell
God's great love

18.11 Geoff Baker
The growth of God's kingdom

11.11 Nick Cornell
Memorial service

21.10 Geoff Baker
Grace is to be received, not ignored

14.10 Nick Cornell
Judgement & mercy

7.10 Nigel Griffiths
Called to obey

30.9 Sheila Syms
God of surprises

16.9 Jim Stevens
The wonder of the cross

9.9 Allan Jonnes
Prayer for the nation

2.9 Nigel Griffiths
Sit at his feet

29.7 Rachel Wilson
Pray to Him

19.7 Mary's funeral service

8.7 Geoff Baker
Go for his sake

1.7 (am) Linnéa Voisey
I am the good shepherd

10.6 Nigel Griffiths
Beauty for brokenness


3.6 Jim Stevens
Proactive faith

20.5 Jim Stevens
The universal gift

6.5 Geoff Baker
Called to overcome the world

29.4 Jim Stevens
The all sufficient Christ

15.4 Michael Lee
Dee Dah Day!

8.4 Allan Jonnes
A new life to live

18.3 Jim Stevens
Wrestling with God

11.3 Allan Jonnes
Attitudes matter!


4.3 Michael Lee
Cleansing required!

18.2.Jim Stevens
Trial & temptations

11.2 Stephen Hills
Don't worry

4.2 Sheila Syms
Christ supreme over all

21.1 Graham Wilkinson
The Lord's prayer

14.1 Jim Stevens
The God of all compassion

7.1 Allan Jonnes
What will you do with the gift you have been give?


24.12 Nigel Griffiths
Carols by candlelight service

17.12.17 Jim Stevens
God's care for his own

3.12.17 Michael Lee
I waited patiently for the Lord

19.11 Michael Lee
Sit up and listen

12.11 Nigel Griffiths
The love of the shepherd

5.11 Jim Stevens
Take care how you listen

29.10 Jim Stevens
In celebration of All Saints

8.10 Geoff Baker
How much do you want eternity?

1.10 Clare Masters
Be still

17.9 Nigel Griffiths
Telling the story of God's people

10.9 Jim Stevens
Open to service-both ways?

3.9 Stephen Hills
Life in the Spirit

6.8 Michael Lee
The Transfiguraton

23.7 Sheila Syms
God works in mysterious ways

16.7 Nigel Griffiths
We cannot help speaking

9.7 Geoff Baker
A radically changed life

2.7 Jim Stevens
The example of Abraham

18.6 Geoff Baker
Mission begins with...

4.6 Jim Stevens
How thirsty are we?

21.5 Jim Stevens
Christ's love is strong love

14.5 Allan Jonnes
How great is our God

7.5 Nigel Griffiths
To whom do we really listen

29.4 Nigel Griffiths
Live to God's glory


16.4 Sheila Syms
Christ the risen Lord

9.4 Sheila Syms
The hour has come...

2/4 Nigel Griffiths
Jesus - coping with the cross


19/3 Jim Stevens
God resources those he calls

12/3 Sheila Syms
Whom will we serve?

5/3 Nigel Griffiths
Dealing with temptation

19/2 Jim Stevens
The supremacy of Christ

12/2 Geoff Baker
Appropriate service

5/2 Jim Stevens
You are the light of the world

15/1 Gerald Hovenden
Meeting God's chosen one

8/1 Sheila Syms
Stepping out


18/12 Gerald Hovenden
Carols by candlelight

11/12 Allan Jonnes
What's wrong with the vineyard?

4/12 Gerald Hovenden
Overflowing hope

27/11/ Jim Stevens
Your God reigns

20/11 Geoff Baker
Don't you fear God?

13/11 Gerald Hovenden
Fear no evil

6/11 Allan Jonnes
Don't let anyone deceive you

30/10 Nigel Griffiths
Generous repentance

23/10 Allan Jonnes
Beautiful feet


16/10 Gerald Hovenden
A sacred day


9/10 Jim Stevens
The wall was completed

2/10 Gerald Hovenden
Mustard seed faith


25/9 Sheila Syms
The Great 'I am'

18/9 Nigel Griffiths
Can you be trusted?



11/9 Gerald Hovenden
does this offend you

4/9 Allan Jonnes
Slave becomes brother

31/7 Jim Stevens
Intelligible words

24/7 Gerald Hovenden
Written warning

17/7 Nigel Griffiths
closing exhortations

10/7 Allan Jonnes
What is in a name?

3/7 Gerald Hovenden
A gospel to proclaim 

26/6 Bishop David Atkinson
Confirmation service

19/6 Judith Andrews
Abraham's seed

12/6 Nigel Griffiths
the measure you use

5/6 Jim Stevens
Awe and Praise

29/5 Gerald Hovenden 
such a great faith

22/5 Nigel Griffiths
Hope does not disappoint us


15/5 Gerald Hovenden
the Spirit of truth


8/5 Gerald Hovenden
Prison doors opened


1/5 Gerald Hovenden
Lydia's conversion


24/4 Gerald Hovenden 
the den of lions


17/4 Gerald Hovenden
stay in the city until...


10/4 Allan Jonnes
I  am the resurrection and the life


3/4 Jim Stevens 
Rejoicing because...


27/3 Allan Jonnes


20/3 Gerald Hovenden
The stone that became a capstone


6/3 Gerald Hovenden
the ministry of reconciliation


21/2 Allan Jonnes
What it means to know me


14/2 Gerald Hovenden
A second chance

7/2 Gerald Hovenden
take off your sandals


31/1 Sheila Syms
a lights to the Gentiles


24/1 Geoff Baker
Paul's Sory


17/1 Gerald Hovenden
Glory revealed


10/1 Nigel Griffiths 
Alive to God


3/1 Jim Stevens
For the praise of his glory





20/12 Gerald Hovenden
Carols by candle light


13/12 Geoff Baker
A fathers pride


6/12 Nigel Griffiths
Pauls's Prayer


29/11 Allan Jonnes
Blameless and Holy


22/11 Damien Gannon
Christ the king


15/11 Gerald Hovenden
Hold unswervingly to the hope


8/11 Gerald Hovenden
Memorial service


1/11 Gerald Hovenden
Heaven or hell


25/10 Nigel Griffiths
I want to see


18/10 Judith Andrews 
slave of all


11/10 Gerald Hovenden
all things are possible with God


4/10 Gerald Hovenden

To such as these...


27/9 Jim Stevens

Salt is good



6/9 Gerald Hovenden 

He has done everything well


26/7 Gerald Hovenden

Ask, Seek, Knock


19/7 Gerald Hovenden

The better part


12/7 Jim Stevens

go and do likewise

Luke sheet


5/7 Gerald Hovenden

a conflict of kingdoms


21/6 Gerald Hovenden

God's questions


14/6 Jim Stevens

The Kingdom of God


7/6 Gerald Hovenden

Our true home


31/5 Miriam Barker

Born again into God's family


24/5 Gerald Hovenden



17/5 Miriam Barker

Jesus prays for his disciples 

Part 1

Part 2


10/5 Miriam Barker

Baptism, blood and the spirit


3/5 Miriam Barker

Live in God, live in Love


26/4 Miriam Barker

Salvation through Jesus


19/4 Jim Stevens

Don't doubt; believe


12/4 Geoff Baker

Witnesses to the resurrection


5/4 Miriam Barker

Death is swollowed up forever


29/3 Jim Stevens

Humility and glory


22/3 Miriam Barker

We want to see Jesus


15/3 Dave Whale (Wycliffe hall)

Psalm 40


8/3 Mark Lavender

God's way of life for his redeemed people


1/3 Gerald Hovenden

Seeing things from God's point of view


22/2 Jim Stevens

Baptism and the power of Jesus' resurrection 


15/2 Gerald Hovenden

Special revelations of God's glory


8/2 Miriam Barker

in Jesus all things hold together 


1/2 Gerald Hovenden

The Authority of Jesus


25/1 Gerald Hovenden

pressing on


18/1 Gerald Hovenden

a glouriours future


11/1 Jim Stevens
To fulfill all righteousness


4/1 Jim Stevens

The boy in the temple




21/12 Gerald Hovenden 

Carols by candle light


14/12 Mark Lavender

I am not worthy


7/12 Jim Stevens

Prepare the way 


30/11 Allan Jonnes

lesson from the fig tree


23/11 Gerald Hovenden

Good sheep


16/11 Jim Stevens

use your talent(s) wisely


9/11 Gerald Hovenden

memorial service


2/11 Gerald Hovenden

Beware of deception


26/10 Jim Stevens

Love, Love, Love


19/10Gerald Hovenden

Fair's fair


12/10 Gerald Hovenden

excuses, excuses


5/10 Allan Jonnes

dodgy tenants 


28/9 Jim Stevens

The two sons


21/9 Geoff Baker

God's concern 


14/9 Gerald Hovenden

Who are we to judge


7/9 Miriam Barker

God's jusitce


27/7 Miriam Barker

more than conqurors 


20/7 Miriam Barker

Not a slave


13/7 Gerald Hovenden

controlled by the Spirit


6/7 Allan Jonnes

rest for the weary


22/6 Geoff Baker

Death to Sin


8/6 Gerald Hovenden 

Prophecy fulfilled


1/6 Gerald Hovenden

A new phase begins...


25/5 Miriam Barker

Paul: speaking to pagans


18/5 Geoff Baker

Stephen: full of the Holy Spirit


11/5 Gerald Hovenden

Early Christianity


4/5 Jim Stevens

Lord and Christ


27/4 Gerald Hovenden

Stop doubting 


13/4 Miriam Barker

the mindset of Christ


6/4 Allan Jonnes

Dry bones no longer


30/3 Gerald Hovenden

Family likeness


23/3 Allan Jonnes

Strength and Courage 


16/3 Gerald Hovenden

God's way back


9/3 Jim Stevens

The "naked" truth


2/3 Gerald Hovenden

majestic glory


23/2 Sheila Syms
Seek his kingdom


16/2 Gerald Hovenden

God's field


9/2 Miriam Barker
a new attitude


2/2 Gerald Hovenden
The Glory of Israel


26/1 2014 Allan Jonnes 
Reason to be united


19/1 2014 Miriam Barker 


12/1 2014 Gerald Hovenden 

The servant's nature


5/1 2014 Geoff Baker
Every Spiritual Blessing


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